Programme – Lectures & Events

Lectures and events for 2017-2018

Meetings commence in Gullane Village Hall or Dirleton Kirk Hall at 7.30 pm

The AGM of the Society on April 5th will mark the end of the lecture programme.  Watch out for the new programme starting in September 2018


GULLANE AND DIRLETON HISTORY SOCIETY                                                                     LECTURE SYLLABUS 2017-2018

Meetings in red are held in Dirleton Kirk Hall and in black Gullane Village Hall. All at 7.30pm

Wednesday 27th September 2017                                                                                         Gullane Village Hall

Women pilots of Air Transport Auxiliary in WW2 – Spitfire Women.

Roy Johnstone

Women were increasingly employed in the war to ferry new and repaired aircraft to active air stations.

  Thursday 12th October 2017                                                                                                  Dirleton Kirk Hall

Working for a living. Terms and conditions from Palmerston to Lloyd George.               

Andrew Ramage

An old family diary led to fascinating insights into living and working conditions in the late 1800s

  Wednesday 8th November 2017                                                                                             Gullane Village Hall

Burke and Hare’s Edinburgh

Gordon Findlater

Retired Professor of Anatomy

The story of Burke and Hare in the days of body snatching for medical dissection purposes.

  Thursday 7th December 2017                                                                                             Dirleton Kirk Hall

East Lothian in the early 1950s: Shops and shopping – The Store                                                                                                 

James Herring

Gullane’s Co-op shop was original named Tranent Co-operative.  James Herring explains why.

  Wednesday 10th January 2018                                                                                       Gullane Village Hall

The Lowland Clearances, Scotland’s silent revolution

 Andrew Cassell & Peter Aitchison

Clearances of farmers on small holdings took place in the Lowlands unobtrusively.

  Thursday 1st February 2018                                                                                               Dirleton Kirk Hall

Guides to East Lothian Geology.                                                                                       

David McAdam

 The oft turbulent development of the landscape in East Lothian is presented from an unusual angle

Wednesday 21st February 2018                                                                                    Gullane Village Hall

History of stained glass                                                                                                    

Helen Spencer

The alchemy of colour and light in ancient ecclesiastical glass is explained

  Thursday 22nd March 2018                                                                                                Dirleton Kirk Hall

The Magic of the Movies

Ian Rintoul

Ex projectionist and movie buff provides fascinating insight into the history of film making and cinemas.

AGM Thursday 5th April 2018          AGM & a presentation(s) by a member(s)