East Linton Horticultural Society

A New landscape feature in partnership with East Lothian Council Landscape team


Tulips for Robert Noble

May 2017.




This Society was formed in 1859. One of its tasks in recent years has been to promote East Linton’s Horticultural Heritage and to Bring Colour to East Linton. The East Linton contribution to Scottish horticulture has been significant and the new eastern gateway roundabout is intended to make that link with a golden Scots pine planted in the centre of the roundabout and a trained Parrotia tree being a marker plant in the adjacent herbaceous bed. Both these varities of trees are to be found at the adjacent Smeaton estate where the golden Scots pine at the lake gate is believed to be one of the tallest in Britain. It is at its best in the winter sun when the foliage is a glowing golden yellow.

In 2002, the Society decided to improve the appearance of East Linton with the cooperation of residents and the support of Dunpender Community Council, it entered the event then known as Scotland in Bloom. It has been a finalist in eight of the past nine years since then and has won three awards, one for permanent planting in 2004, the most improved village ( pop under 2500) for 2005 and 2008 and in 2008, the David Welch Memorial Award for Something Special. In 2009 and 2010, it was awarded a silver gilt award under the new Beautiful Scotland competition rules.

See the Gallery page for a selection of photos used in our Beautiful Scotland entry

Three White Melrose Apples.

Three White Melrose Apples

One of the special activities in recent years has been the running of Apple days.

Growing and experimenting with apples was a major activity in the area from 1800 in an attempt to create an industry but also to use apples as a food crop at a time of food shortages.

The Society has taken part in Apple Day events at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh since 2000. The quality and variety of the apples displayed from East Linton has attracted much significant interest to the visitors and illustrates the value of the local micro climate.

The Society is currently concentrating on displays in East Linton throughout the year. In May 2017, a new feature was added to the site opposite the Community hall as part of the Robert Noble Celebrations. Two new curved seats were installed. This project was in partnership with East Lothian Council Landscape Team.

Work is in hand in June 2017 to assess the recommendations of a recent Report by the RHS on Climate change for Gardeners.

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