The present church is 800 years old and is built on a site associated with St Baldred who lived 1300 years ago. See the Heritage Information Board at the car park entrance, research the monumental Inscriptions published by the Scottish Genealogy Society in 2000 and find out more in the Local History Society publication By the Linn Rocks (1999) A description of the building written by Chris Tabraham Principal Inspector of Ancient Monuments with Historic Scotland is available at the church.

Use this link to find out more about the church today.

On the afternoon Saturday 17th September 2016, there will be a tour of Prestonkirk Graveyard to look at the gravestones for Robert Brown , Andrew Meikle, George Rennie, James Kirk and Robert Noble . They represent the Artistic, Horticultural and Agricultural heritage of East Linton.

The tour is the East Linton contribution to Local History week