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Gullane and Dirleton History Society

Newsletter Number 72 April 2022

Dear Member,

Together again.

What a joy it was to welcome members back to a lecture meeting last week. Hamish Read from the Abbotsford House Trust gave us a taste of what we have been missing. He took us through the life of Sir Walter Scott and wetted our appetites for a visit to Abbotsford House and its extensive gardens. Watch out for details of a Society outing in the summer.

The AGM.

The initials AGM in one’s mind can equate to turgid obligatory proceedings. Whilst the Society must hold an AGM it is an opportunity to review the year’s activities, thank diligent and long suffering officers and provide assurance that your Society’s finances are in good order. To make it more attractive a presentation or display by a member or members is usually provided. It will be held on Wednesday 6th April in Gullane Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

This year it is proposed to mount a display of material from the Society’s archive with a theme of ‘Then and Now’.

It is important that an archive is not just a dusty collection but also a repository of current scenes, activities, documents and memories. History in the making if you like. The Society has published a number of books of reminiscences of which the latest, ‘Voices from the Past’ was on sale hot from the presses at the lecture meeting last week. (See below)

The Society is keen to collect memories and will be actively seeking individuals prepared to relate or write down their experiences of life in the local area.

Another publication.

Once again the Society is indebted to George Simpson who has edited the latest publication which is a collection of reminiscences providing fascinating insights to life in the 20th century in Gullane and Dirleton. It will be available to purchase at the AGM and the treasurer would be grateful if payment could be made in cash.


Michael (Thomson)