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Gullane and Dirleton History Society

Newsletter Number 79 November 2023

Dear Member,

Promoting the Society’s aims in Gullane…

An aim of the Society is to stimulate interest in and the study of local history. One way that is done is by the provision of information on boards and displays in public places. For some years one such board has been in place on The Bonnie Badger in Gullane but it had become very faded and illegible.

Your Society decided to provide a replacement. Society members George Simpson and Bill Nimmo carried out the artwork and framing respectively assisted by members of the projects subcommittee. The board was unveiled by two managers from the hotel on 17th October. It depicts historical buildings in Gullane with some explanatory text. Have a look when you are passing or waiting for the bus at the adjacent stop.

…and in Dirleton too.

A display by the Society at the Dirleton Fete and Games of historical pictures of the village stimulated much interest, comment and reminiscing. The pictures of people were particularly popular. A display of some of these images has been placed recently in Dirleton Kirk where the provoking of memories can continue. Have a look at that as well.

Recording the here and now.

Pictures emphasise how important it is to record current events to provide a resource of archival material for future generations. The annual scarecrow displays in Dirleton are one such event. There are a number of these clever and amusing effigies well seen from the bus or other passing vehicles. The scarecrows are but transitory only they will be recalled with pleasure and stories in years to come. It is surely the business of the History Society to have available these triggers of our memories.

In short send us your pictures, documents and written memories. They are treasure for us.

Michael (Thomson)