Publications by the Society

PUBLICATIONS BY THE SOCIETY.    In print at September 2021



Voices from the Past

2022. £6

A collection of stories of life in the past by people whose reminiscences have been recorded.

ISBN 978 1 870479 29 5


Ports and Harbours

2020. £8

The next publication in a series by author George Simpson comparing old images with modern views. Each site has an accompanying potted but informative history.

ISBN 978-1-870479-27-1



Signs of the Times

2020. Brief Histories – £1.00

Another in a series of booklets with text and illustrations.

ISBN 978-1-870479-26-4



Gullane and Dirleton History Society

2018 onwards, Brief Histories – £1.00

A series of booklets with text and illustrations on specific subjects of local history.


The story of the Bank                                      ISBN 978-1-870479-23-3

Post Offices in Gullane, Dirleton, Drem and Kingston    ISBN 978-1-870479-24-0

East Lothian Defences in WW II                                         ISBN 978-1-870479-25-7


Simpson, George.  Churches and Chapels.

2016, Many Illustrations – £6.50 (while stocks last)

This is the third book in a very successful series comparing the line drawings of MacGibbon and Ross in their publication of over 100 years ago with photographs of the buildings as they currently stand.  An ideal gift.

ISBN 978-1-870479-


Simpson, George. Houses and Homes.

2015, Many illustrations – £5 (while stocks last)

This book follows on from the highly successful Towers and Castles. It compares the line drawings of MacGibbon and Ross in their 19th century publication with photographs of the current buildings.

ISBN 978-1-870479-21-9


Cox, Michael. Dirleton and Gullane. A brief history

2015, 5 photographs and map – £1.50

A short introduction to the history of the two villages in the parish of Dirleton.

This new edition has been rewritten and illustrations renewed.

ISBN 978-1-870479-20-2




George J.F.Simpson. The Story of Drem Airfield NEW EDITION

2015 93pp New illustrations – £8

This new edition of a popular book on the history of Drem Airfield active during two world wars has been enhanced with a revised text and the addition of photographs.

ISBN 978-1-870479-19-6




George J.F. Simpson. Towers and Castles of East Lothian

2014, Many illustrations – £6 (while stocks last)

A beautifully illustrated comparison of castellated buildings in East Lothian in the late 1880s and the present time using illustrations from the classic MacGibbon and Ross texts and recent photographs.

ISBN 978-1-870479-18-9


Looking Back

Edited by George J.F.Simpson

2011, 82pp, Many photographs – £8

This is a collection of previously published and new work which will be of interest to newer and long term historians resident in East Lothian as well as further afield.

ISBN 978-1-870479-16-5



The Stones of Dirleton Kirkyard and their people.

2009, 228pp, 2 plans – £10

This publication brings together the inscriptions on the grave stones in Dirleton kirkyard and documents which provide information about the people buried there, binding these together to give a brief account of their lives.

ISBN 978-1-870479-13-4




The Stones of Gullane Kirkyard and their people.

2011, 179pp, 1 plan – £10

This sequel to the Stones of Dirleton Kirkyard details the inscriptions and provides some of the history of the people whose names are inscribed on the gravestones in Gullane Kirkyard.

ISBN 978-1-870479-14-1




Life and Death in Dirleton Parish: a social history derived from kirkyard memorials.

2009, 140pp, 56 photographs and map – £10

Using the kirkyard memorials in Gullane and Dirleton as a starting point for further research, this publication relates the social history and changes in Dirleton Parish and tells something of the people recorded in the inscriptions.

ISBN 978-1-870479-12-7




Monumental Inscriptions in the Churchyards of Dirleton and Gullane.

2003, 124pp, 2 plans – £5

Transcription of the inscriptions on the headstones in the churchyards of Dirleton and Gullane

ISBN 978-1-870479-15-8




Publications are available from the Publications Officer, Gullane and Dirleton History Society, Nerthelea, Main Road, Dirleton EH39 5EA
(01620 850698) at named prices + postage.